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Folding doors


The 45V is a non-insulated folding door system which provides an elegant and innovative application choice for balcony-doors, eliminating the separation between the internal and external environment, and offering a wide opening.

The 45V folding door/window system is perfectly suitable for all types of construction. It gives the possibilities to protect and allows all commercial, public and domestic premises to offer large openings, where light and openness can literally change everything!


  • System adapted for large dimensions up to 2400 mm high and 900 mm wide per sash
  • In the folded position, the folding door offers a minimum passage of up to 95% of total opening width.
  • Glass infill from 4 to 28 mm. Single or double glazing.
  • Max weight: Up to 70 kg per sash.
  • High level of performance (weather tightness) and finger protection obtained by the double gasket barrier (central and peripheral)
  • Smooth operation, design and ergonomy facilitate the opening and closing of the panels.
  • Opening frames are guided by a roller rail at the top. Bottom rail can be embedded.


  • Option of integrating with AluK 45P louver system for amazing folding combination with solar control.
  • Several possible combinations of elements and opening sashes.
  • Open in & open out
  • Low threshold (for disabled people),
  • Hanging truck (top side)
  • Even and odd sashes


Suitable for all types of construction for commercial, public and domestic premises.


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